Last week we took a trip down to the manufacturing mecca of America, sunny Los Angeles. It was a great trip, where we met with a lot of good folks, learned some important lessons for the future, did some negotiating, and drove. Lots of driving! It was hard to stay in a car for that long.

But we did, and we left happy, having secured a factory which makes some pretty quality stuff. They make high tech packs for the US military, as well as bomber waterproof diving gear. They seem to have their construction, quality, and materials down pat. And, it's a family owned business that has been around for quite some time. It comes at a premium, but one that will be worth it, especially if the craftsmanship shows.

So we wrote some checks, did some signing, got into the car and drove back north, but not without first making a detour to go canyoneering in Arroyo Seco, the longest string of swimming holes in California, and not to mention, gorgeous. We swam several 50 yard laps past narrow canyon walls, scrambled over rocks, walked along creek beds, did some bush wacking, climbed a waterfall, followed game trails on exposed ridges, and had some close encounters with poison oak. In short, it was amazing. I wish I had some photos to share but no one brought cameras because we were told that the likelihood of waterproof gear failure was directly proportional to how valuable your electronics are.

Next step on the list, SHIPPING! I'm finding this kickstarter to be an invaluable insight into the building of a business, and I'm excited, especially since it's around something I love. I also have a whole lot of newfound respect for those who have gone before me, and done it successfully.