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Black Kite


Black Kite

Why the black kite commuter pack?

Because we've all been there. It's called love. You take your bike to the movies, to work, on long windy journeys to unknown destinations; up sweaty hillsides to watch beautiful sunsets. You turn down invitations to ride the subway, to carpool, to walk down the block, even when it's with a date. At times, they just get in the way.

Then, suddenly! Things get complicated. Your shoes are scuffed, your jeans; threadbare. Even a messenger bag is too cumbersome, and taking off your entire bag to get to your bike lock every time you stop just doesn't seem right. Luckily, that's where our packs come in.

Ultra convenient, minimal and light, strategically placed pockets let you take out your phone, wallet, or bike lock without ever having to take off the bag. And it's all handcrafted in the U.S.A.

Where does the name come from?

A Black Kite is a sharp eyed, bird of prey.
It's a flying object, blotted by the sun and buoyed by the wind.

It's epic centuries and daily commutes; putting on a spandex superhero outfit, or just your favorite jeans. 

Here at Black Kite Cycling, our aim is to make pure, unfettered cycling gear that will keep your ride awesome.
Sometimes we say to hell with tradition, and sometimes we embrace it. But only if it makes sense. We hope you'll understand.

Happy riding!