what people are saying:

"I got my handle bar bag a couple weeks ago and it's awesome! Thanks so much!! " - Thomas S.

"Just received my bag today here in Helsingfors, Finland. Rode my bike 20k in pouring rain. I was soaked but my clothes and my laptop in the backpack was dry. It seems very well made,has an excellent finish and is very comfortable which makes the 23 euros I paid extra in taxes all worth it. Great work and thank you!" -Richard

"Just received my bag in Singapore and I'm loving it!" - Amos

"I've received my backpack!!! I'm super excited! This backpack is more comfortable than I imagined! Thank you, Nancy!!!!" -Ayako

"Bag came in the mail today. I already switched all my gear unto it. Great bag!!!!" - Nicholas Clark 

"I received the backpack already, it's beautiful! I'm about to head out for the packs first trip to the grocery store and I can't wait. Anything that makes cycling in New Jersey a better experience is certainly alright with me! Thank you so much for all you're hard work! It's greatly appreciated!"  - Doug